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karl Norwich, England
" Hi, love the voice, the songs are just great, excellent site. "

Marshell Jones Montclair, NJ
" Much love and courage to all of us musicians who persist in shining our light! Thanks for the Musicians' Circle! "

Erin Berkeley, CA
"A few weeks ago at a fair in North Berkeley, a man was handing out free CD's. After expecting a catch and then realizing there wasn't one, I brought it home... I've listened to it many times since, and my appreciation for the subtle beauty of the music continues to grow. Thank you... *softly smiling* "

Mark von Schlemmer KCTV-5 Kansas City, MO
"Wow, that's quite a website. And very cool music - a little like Nick Drake after he's traded his guitar in for a piano and maybe taken a half of an upper."

Brendan Milburn
"It's not very pop--but the tune I downloaded, Blue Window, is just beautiful. There's something in your harmony that is like a skilled painter using watercolors, taking advantage of the way shades blend and wash over each other. You're being subtly...polytonal? With those beautiful lydian bits all over the place, and your subtle, dulcet Christopher-Cross voice (I like Christopher Cross--that's a compliment)'s a heady, beautiful mix of stuff."


Enid Futterman Crayville, NY
" Unusually beautiful sounds and pictures pour forth from this collection of songs of the soul. Richard Isen uses his instruments, including his own voice, in his own particular, penetrating way. THE WAY THE WAVES COME is one of the loveliest, saddest songs I've heard in a long time."

Bob Muller
Joni Mitchell Discussion List
"One of the coolest things about this covers project for me is that I get exposed to so many new artists. One of the coolest so far is Richard Isen. I got his CD, just released, called "Let It Fall" through CD Baby. I bought it for the cover of Willy, and was delighted with the whole package! Listen to the piano intro to Joni's "The Last Time I Saw Richard"...that beautiful chordal piano is the sound of this CD, and it's majestically pretty from start to finish...matter of fact, the whole CD almost plays like a suite of sorts as opposed to a collection of "separate" songs. Each track with a couple of exceptions is 5+ minutes, and there are some strings at times, some soft backing vocals at times, and an ethereal melodic beauty throughout."


Joel Beard
"dreamy dark songs for a winter's night Reviewer: Let It Fall Gorgeous, melancholy music, evocative lyrics and imagery of loneliness. A unique sound, kind of folk, kind of jazz, piano based with lovely choral work on top and grounded by the artist's lyric baritone. Filled with personal reflections, the songs create a world and a mood - not an easy thing to accomplish and well-done here. I especially like the cover of Joni Mitchell's Willie, as we just don't get to hear love songs from a man to a man very often. Looking forward to more, which is the only reason I didn't give it a 5 - won't know if it's a masterpiece until there's more to compare it to."


Robert Urban
"I still sing yer songs to myself all the time"

Mike Ward temporary power
"It is great to see Indie music thriving and alive with projects like this!!!"

Jon Gilbert Leavitt JGL Songs
" Richard, keep on writing, singing and recording your wonderful music.
All the best."

Michael Paz New Orleans, LA
" Richard-I wish you ALL the success in the world. Your playing and singing is wonderful and I am VERY impressed by your songwriting and great production work on the MAC. Let me know if you are coming this way so we can help you in this area."

Nancy L. Adams New York, NY
" Congratulations of the culmination of a long labor of love."


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