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NEW MUSIC - recorded using orchestral samples, world instrument samples and other unwordly sounds

THE BLUEBIRD: A Christmas Musical

  • Children Of The Future Ballet - short ballet performed by the children for Mytl and Tytl
        NOTE: music created with sampled instruments and midi

THE PASSION OF DRACULA - Sun Valley Repertory directed by Hal Ryder

  • Seduction Scene - Drac puts a spell on her at the end of the scene, bites!
        NOTE: music created with sampled instruments and midi

A CHRISTMAS CAROL - A Sun Valley Repertory Theater tradition


WHORL - a theater piece by Lee Nagrin

STARCOCK: An Image Drama With Painting And Music - Cartoon-like music for Mabou Mines production with the paintings and writings of Apple Vail.

  • Starcock Suite- the pieces are quite short so I've put them into a suite. All live players except for Yamaha DX-9. Recorded by LB Dallas in 1986.

SALFORD ROAD - with text by Gareth Owen, conceived and directed by Stefan Rudnicki, arranged and recorded by Chris DeBlasio

  • Salford Road- the title song recorded by 4 well-known performers with lots of Broadway credits. Do you recognize the voices?.
  • Roadside Workers - Three great singers and 8 musicians, recorded in 1987


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