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RADIO --stations playing LET IT FALL


  • Crosswinds- New Hope, PA  Enjoyed very much
  • KAFM FM 88.1 - Grand Junction, CO
  • WFMW FM 91.1 - Frostburg, MD  Just Plain Folk
  • WXPN-FM - Philadelphia, PA
  • WOBO 88.7 FM - Cincinnati, OH   Very Good. Am getting really good response.
  • WPRB 103.3 FM - Princeton Univeristy
  • WGTE -Toledo, OH   fine & simple, blue & 'down in the valley'
  • WLRU - Lebanon, VA  Thanks, Great Project!
  • WMNR - Monroe, CT
  • Fenland Community Radio - Lincolnshire, ENGLAND
  • KEOS 89.1 FM - College Station, TX
  • KGOU - Norman,OK
  • KHSU 90.5 - Arcata, CA
  • KSKA - Anchorage, AK
  • KUSU - Logan, UT
  • WIUM/WIUW-FM - Macomb, IL
  • WJUL/95.1 FM - Lowell, MA
J.D. Doyle, Chris Wilson at This Way Out
"Introsprective poet Richard Isen's CD LET IT FALL is perfect musical accompaniament for a solitary day."

B. Allan Ross
"To me, your songs are like the cover of the CD, a many-layered and complex painting of emotions with an accessible intensity that gives me a different experience with each interaction. Sort of like people, eh? Am I wrong, or is this set of songs a bit more autobiographical than most CD's tend to be? The songs made me work hard, since I wanted to get as much out of each one as I could and there is so much to each. No fast food, these. They also keep me coming back for the more I know I'll find. Marvelous!"

Jimmy Carper, Producer After Hours, KPFT-90.1FM:
"I explained your CD over the air as art songs for the new millenium. It's a very personal introspective body of work that I have enjoyed very much."

Buck Rowland, KJHK 90.7FM Lawrence, KS:
"We have played a couple of pieces from the cd. I can't remember which ones, because I listen to the CD at home a lot and I like the whole thing."



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